MOMOCURLY- Electric Jazz Trio

Thursday 21st February 2019

The Hampstead Jazz Club are proud to present for the very first time in London MOMOCURLY.

MOMOCURLY are an accomplished Electric Jazz Trio of Japanese & French musicians, whose musical talent in fusing the sounds of European and Japanese music & culture is nothing short of genius, eclectic and unique.

Momo Otani – Piano & Synth Jazz Pianist

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Momo studied the electric organ at the Senzoku College of Music in Tokyo, where she met the great jazz pianist and teacher Yuki Arimasa, who inspired Momo to develop and perfect her art as an exciting Jazz pianist. Since graduating, she has been active on the Tokyo jazz scene, performing with many local and international musicians across Japan and Europe.

Christophe Pannekoucke – Electric Guitarist

Born in the French Alps,  a self-confessed, self-taught aficionado of guitar, Christophe has proved himself as a renowned professional, following his collaborative study at the French Conservatory with the great Pierre Drevet. Christophe is an active musician and Musical Director both in Japan and around Europe.

“MOMOCURLY”の初公演をここ、Hampstead Jazz Clubにて開催出来ることをとても誇りに思います。
大谷桃– Piano & Synth Jazz Pianist
クリストフ パンヌクック
Christophe Pannekoucke – Electric Guitarist
恩師Pierre Drevetに出会いコンサバトワにて作曲、アンサンブルを学び、現在では日本とヨーロッパの音楽をディレクトし様々なシーンで演奏を重ねる。
MOMOCURLY – Electric Jazz Trio

Kevin Lucchetti – Drummer

Acclaimed active Parisien Drummer.


Christophe Pannekoucke – Guitar

Momo Otani –  Piano Synth Bass

Kevin Lucchetti – Drums


Doors: 7:30 pm | Show: 8:00 pm

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