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The Hampstead Jazz Club

Welcome to the Hampstead Jazz Club, the best new live music venue in north London. We’re proud to host intimate live performances from an eclectic mix of established musicians, as well as exciting emerging talent.

The Hampstead Jazz Club fondly brings back a unique atmosphere, reminiscent of the golden age of jazz. The club provides a functional, multi-purpose space that adds to its versatility. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to host a rehearsal, live recording, album launch, private event or more, we’d love to hear from you!


MUSICIANS SUPPORT FUND – March 23 2020, in the current environment, musicians and artists who are primarily self-employed are not covered by the government’s measures to support their income. For many musicians, who live on a week to week basis, this is causing a lot of hardship. At the Hampstead Jazz Club, we are making every effort to support our community of artists at this difficult time, so are kindly asking our patrons who are able, to donate to a fund we have launched.
The fund will be used to donate to musicians at this time, by asking them to prepare live streaming videos or short videos to post on the HJC social media channels.To donate click HERE. 


March 20 2020 – Based upon the current advice from the government’s statement, it is now crucial for people to avoid gatherings and any/all social contact in pubs and clubs due to the progression of the COVID-19 virus. The Hampstead Jazz Club is making every effort to support our community and Artists at this difficult time by following the safeguarding guidelines provided. As a result, the Hampstead Jazz Club will be suspending all our live events.
As this action will seriously impact the financial security of our musicians and their families, we are trying to support them in every way possible, and as such will be adding a donate option to all scheduled events. We kindly urge our community and patrons to join us in supporting our musical family during this unprecedented downturn.
In our continued efforts to assist them, we have testing a live streaming option from the Jazz Club, which will allow the artists/bands to perform and have it streamed live, so that audiences can enjoy the performance from home, whilst providing support for the musicians. As we confirm these live streaming events, we will announce these on our website and via our Social Media Channels.
We hope you will join us in our efforts in not only supporting our own families as a community, but our extended musical family and friends. We very much appreciate the support that our patrons provide the Jazz Club and the musicians that perform here. For those of you who have booked tickets for shows at the Hampstead Jazz Club, we ask you NOT to request a refund to support the musicians, but if you do refund processing times are expected to be 21 working days.

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