An Evening of Jazz Fusion with Drou

Sunday 7th April 2019

Tickets £15 – Seats with table will be available on a first come, first serve basis

Doors: 6.00pm

Show Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

An Evening of Jazz Fusion with Drou

British born multi-lingual Greek Cypriot songstress Drou returns to the stage after a long sabbatical.  Drawing from her rich Mediterranean heritage in singing to both English and Greek audiences, Drou is fast evolving as an eclectic musical linguist in her transcription and translation of the Great American Songbook and World music.

Bringing her own style of musical fusion to Jazz Classics and contemporary favourites by blending lyrical tones of Greek, Spanish and French, Drou evokes a certain elegance and essence of a bygone era of female Jazz performers who captivated their audience through the passionate storytelling of each song.

Drou is a multi-faceted expressive vocalist and her highly creative nature allows her to push boundaries in her fresh and exciting interpretations of song.  As a lover of the Arts and languages, this is the catalyst which motivates Drou in her innate theatre-like performances, synonymous with the passion of Greek Theatre, where Drou invokes the power of the spoken word through the power of the sung word.

As a fluent linguist in English, Greek, French and aptitude for Spanish and Portuguese, it is no surprise that Drou uses this platform to bring a unique flavour and twist to her repertoire of songs from The Great American Songbook and beyond. This  assimilation of different influences of the Eastern and Western musical cultures, is the perfect canvas upon which Drou paints a musical journey of diverse vocal tones, agility and melodic scales which represent and respect the essence of every language. The unique vocal diversity of Drou’s seamless transition between linguistic styles with eloquent inflections and passionate lyrical interpretation, is a wonderfully soothing melting pot where East meets West.

The deep resonating richness of Drou’s seductive voice and captivating persona takes the audience on a ‘Musical Journey Around The World’, as she morphs between English, Greek, French, Spanish and Portuguese, like a chameleon on stage. Each language requires its own distinctive vocal technique, which to the listening ear can be somewhat of an illusion, which at times seems as if two people are singing the same song.

This interesting and fresh rework of Jazz Classics, brings yet another new perspective to the world of Jazz Fusion, no boundaries, instead an exciting melange of works tinged with an exotic ambience.

Drou has worked and collaborated with highly recognised pianists and arrangers Jamie Safir and Alex Webb. In a recent performance, Emrys Baird from JazzWise Magazine wrote:

“The ever urbane pianist Alex Webb, popped in too, to back Greek Cypriot songstress Drou, whose seductive tonal textures reminded me of Cleo Laine whilst playfully peeling of ‘Lullaby Of Birdland” Emrys Baird – Jazzwise Magazine

Drou has teamed up with the talents of Alex Maydew on piano and Jonny Wickham on bass for the performance on April 7th.

Alex is a 24 year-old London based pianist and composer. He has performed across a multitude of genres, working with musicians such as singer Ben Cox, composer Benjamin Rimmer, as well as arranging and recording regularly for Decca records.

Jonny Wickham is a bass player and composer from London. He has performed and recorded with a diverse range of artists such as Jordan Rakei, Caravela and the Lyle Barton trio.


Drou – Vocals

Alex Maydew – Piano

Jonny Wickham- Bass

Please note, The Club is not licenced to allow access to Children under the age of 16 after 9pm, so for evening performances, please do not book tickets for children under the age of 16. Children aged 16 and above are welcome at any time.

Please NOTE, there is NO food served in the Jazz Club, there is a bar for drinks. We advise booking a table for dinner at the Duke of Hamilton upstairs at least 1hr before show-time – Book Here

For £15.00 Tickets:

This is a fully seated event.  Seats are not numbered and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. 


Doors: 6:00 pm | Show: 6:30 pm

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